Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Front gate update & nature stuff

Yes..........the front gate house and arch are a bigger job than expected.  See this announcement from Gary Lambert:

As sometimes happens, when a job gets started you realize that there is more to it than initially expected. Accordingly, it would be a real stretch for the contractor doing the work at the Main Gatehouse to be finished on Friday, so we have decided to keep the Main Gate closed through the weekend. The plan at this point is to reopen the Main Gate at 7AM Monday morning. I’ll post again if things change.Thanks to all for your understanding and cooperation.  Gary

We stopped up at the front gate again this morning to check on progress.

I'll put in a tip for Tom Keeler's business if you're looking for someone to do some custom cabinet and counter work.  

Tom has handled all the remodeling jobs for our offices, craft rooms, etc.  He does beautiful work!

I was wondering how they would manage closing off all those roosting places for the birds.  This should work.

Our ducks are becoming more plentiful too.  At least they don't do their roosting overhead.

Had fun pasting some google photos together to create an animation.  I really love the new Google Photos app.  They've upgraded to a total web site and are putting my beloved Picasa to sleep.  I'd love to teach some classes on it this winter if anyone is interested.

Up north and in the eastern states, you are enjoying beautiful fall colors.  Our desert has fall colors too when these purple sage bushes are in full bloom.  

Branches are loaded with almost solid color instead of green leaves.

Our golf course turns a fall color too!!  Time for it to get shaved and reseeded.  Our summer golfers are going through withdrawal.


Palm trees and shrubs add some color too.

Hey..............remember when I posted these pictures of the strange cactus fluff?

I had no idea that this was the beginning.

Look what those puffs turned into in just two weeks!!

Yes, this is the same plant.

Mother Nature is just awesome!
I love all the little surprises Arizona keeps giving us.


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