Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Main Gate Closure, Pigeon News, Pavillion Repair, Rental Houses

Say hello to Jay.  He is the newest member of our Palm Creek maintenance team.  We spotted him this morning with caulk gun in hand as he is applying the sticky bird repellent material to all the favorite roosting places of the annoying dirty pigeons.

I did some research on this material.  It is non-toxic but the birds don't like to get their feet or feathers all sticky so they avoid perching in all their normal roosting spots around the resort.

Starting Monday, a crew will be working up at the main entrance.  Here's an announcement from Gary Lambert regarding the gate closure.

Beginning at approximately 7AM on Monday, Sept 19, the Main Gate entrance to Palm Creek will be closed for renovation. All traffic entering and exiting the Resort will need to use the North Gatehouse. This work is expected to take 5 days, so we will plan on re-opening the Main Gate on Friday afternoon. Once the construction starts and we see what kind of progress is being made, we may revise the re-opening date/time as appropriate. Once the Main Gatehouse is reopened, the North gatehouse will close until the first week of November.

Thanks to all for your cooperation.

Gary Lambert
Operations Manager
Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort

Don't worry about the doves during this process.  They're still multiplying in adequate numbers.  Found this fresh hatchling just this morning.

Diane Reese and her furry companion, Toby, gave us a call to say a crew was putting the shade cover back up at the north pavillion.

Looks like quite a project.  Hopefully, no more severe winds or storms to tear this one down.

 Congratulations to Gabrielle.  She is now a full-time member of the front desk team.  She's always friendly and cheerful so we wish her well.  She is used to being called "Gabby" as a nickname.

Spent some time this morning with this dynamic duo of ladies who are responsible not only for signing up folks into rental properties.............but also for purchasing, stocking, and inventory of everything it takes to set up a rental home.

Left:  Christy Kochen                Right:  Tami Deeks

We walked through a couple new rental units just for a visual of all the things that are needed.  Measuring cups, can openers, knives, cookware, dishes, pots and pans.

Rugs, shower curtains, towels, bath mats, wastebaskets.

Beds, mattresses, dressers, mattress pads, sheets, blankets, bedspreads, lamps, wall decor.

Coffee pots, tea kettle, toasters.

Sofas, chairs, end-tables, lamps, TV sets, vacuum cleaners, rugs, dinette sets, drapes,  hangars, door mats.

All this "stuff" not only needs to get ordered, but then delivered, put into the houses, unpacked, and put away.

Here's the actual inventory list for each new home.  You can zoom in to make the document readable.

Christy and Tami have this process quite organized and efficient with some help from their favorite vendors.  Furniture and a lot of decor comes from American Furniture Warehouse in Gilbert and gets delivered directly to each house.

Sears is the source for appliances like washers and dryers, BBQs, TVs.

Many household goods are purchased through Bed Bath & Beyond again delivered directly to each house which really helps the distribution process.  Some of the soft goods come from Amazon so the UPS and FedEx trucks are a common sight here.

This summer there were 21 new rental homes installed.  Last year there were 30.  The grand total comes to 79 rental units owned by the resort.  All 79 units are rented for several months this coming season with quite a lengthy list of names on the waiting list.

Whoops.......let's not forget about scheduling cleaning and housekeeping.  Each home gets a "construction clean" after the contractor declares the house ready.  Our housekeeping staff does a thorough clean before anything gets moved into the house.  After contents are delivered and put away, housekeeping does another final clean so everything is picture perfect for the incoming renter.

That's enough talk about all this work stuff.  Think I'll find something relaxing to think about now.  Have a great day!  Hope to see you at the omelette breakfast tomorrow.