Friday, September 02, 2016

Dust, spiders, and a beautiful view

Morning sunrise is beautiful.

This looks like the year for replacing expired palm trees.  We've seen a good number of them torn out for replacement.

Autumn is definitely on the way.  We can tell by the increasing number of daddy long legs and harvestman spiders that cling to houses.  I always carry my "spider stick" to clear the doorways before entering houses.  The critters get especially thick on houses near the golf course as that's where the spider food source thrives.  Remember that spiders travel by air on their webs so even if you pay an exterminator, you will still have spiders on the house. 

If you don't have pest control, you may end up with a house like this:

Hi Ho, Hi's off to work we go.

I don't think these are cactus blossoms but I had to stop for a close look anyway.  Isn't it strange that the little white puffs are so symmetrical around the cactus plant and only up near the top of each stalk? 

Another new house arrived this week.  This one is on the north end of Granite.

Thought I would add a couple photos of our pretty golf course as we did our rounds this morning.

Here's that new Champion house now that the driveway and sidewalk is poured.

We still have frequent dust storms that go rolling through the area.  You may have seen some of the photos on the national news.  I bet even the spiders are complaining because their webs get so dusty.

Not to mention your car if it is sitting outdoors.

When you come back and head to Boston's for their delicious juicy ribs, be sure to ask for a
"Rib Bib".

P.S.  They make a 5-star Patrone margarita too, right Linda?