Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Minor Stuff

It's been a long quiet four-day weekend for Labor Day but today everyone is back to work.  

Activity at Site 40.

Time to get back to our morning rounds.  Thought I'd post a few small moments of interest along the way.  These palmetto fruits are growing nicely.  It's kind of surprising because this is a very young tree.

Pickle people are at play in the early morn.

My "spider stick" gets a daily workout as I always clear the doorways before entering a house.  Sometimes the little critters growl at me.....or I bet they would if they could.  

The golf course looks very peaceful this morning

Whoops.......another sprinkler head has popped off so we stop and Don makes the repair.  We carry quite a kit along with us and make repairs around the park.  

 If a customer leaves a cute stuffed animal in the house among their keepsakes, I try to include them in a couple pictures just to liven things up a bit.  Pictures get boring if we send the same thing every month.

Ahh...September.  A number of folks ask us to fertilize their fruit trees this month.  It's NOT Don's favorite job because of crouching down under the trees.....and most citrus trees BITE with their sharp thorns.

As the park ages, so do the irrigation lines.  Rubber hoses even buried underground spring leaks that require repair.  Luckily, this year we discovered Warran Peterson and he makes this kind of repair for us.

Don can handle some small plumbing problems..........or again, we call Warran if it doesn't require an official plumber.

Water buckets get rinsed and refilled on our monthly visits.

As the morning wears on and the sun gets hot, we head indoors.
I tried to get a "selfie" shot of working at my computer but obviously it's hard to get a selfie.  Maybe I should get a selfie stick?

The weekend wasn't totally quiet though.  We had a girl's night out at the Thirsty Donkey.

Most of us gather in the Adobe Room every afternoon for some Pegs & Jokers or some Mahjong games.  Always save time for FUN.

How about a "groaner" to end the day?