Monday, September 19, 2016

Front Gate + Golf Course Reseeding

The front gate is closed for the next week or so while the guard shack and the entry arch are being renovated.  We all know that and were notified but I bet there will be lots of us headed to the store that will only remember once we turn the corner to leave.

 Bob Hernick gave us a guided tour this morning so we could take some before and after shots.

The inside will be completely redone with new cabinets and counters.

If I understand correctly, this overhang at the entry arch will be closed to prevent the pigeons from roosting there.  Right now it seems to be the perfect spot for them.

This really does make a lovely place for the pest pigeons to roost.  No wonder they became so plentiful. 

WOW!  Spotted four night herons at the lake this morning!  Awesome!!  We don't see them very often so it was a big treat for us.  Looks like they were talking to the ducks.

Here's a photo Kent Evans sent me a year or more ago when he spotted them over on #13.

Photo by Kent Evans's that time of year when we reseed the golf course.  
Don't bother washing your house or your car this week.

Landscaping is still trimming bushes and trees too.  We summer folk get to see all the oleanders in full bloom but they get trimmed back in time for your arrival.

Elsewhere ... new houses continue to arrive and get assembled.

Tom Gottfried has a new camera lens that he will be working with at the upcoming pickleball tournaments.  His new fisheye lens can capture a wide range.  Check out this photo of the south lake on #7.

Photo by Tom Gottfried

We seem to have hatched a large batch of black cats recently as they'be being spotted quite frequently.

Speaking of stray animals, there is a relatively new store in town and we'd like to send lots of business their way.  The Bow Wow Meow Thrift Shop is up and running five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 until 2:00.  The address is 112 W 2nd Street which is just around the corner from the Cookie Jar Restaurant.  The proceeds all go to the Valley Humane Society which is a No Kill Shelter.  Your donations will be most appreciated and you are encouraged to stop by and shop to see what treasures you can find.  Think of all our precious furry friends you will be helping.

Here's another way to help the Humane Society without costing you a penny.  This does not affect your fuel points or any other discounts you may receive.