Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still Working

Good Morning.  I know I haven't posted for a couple days but I keep wondering how many pictures I can take of dirt piles and bricks before you get bored.  Anyway....here is another newly dug hole at Site 1624 on Whisper Wind.  

Here is an interesting photo though.  Apparently a dove flew head on into this window.
I'll bet it was a very sudden stop!!  You can see the dust left from his feathers....plus it obviously scared the cr__ out of him.  LOL
Back at the creek and pond on hole #18, we spotted a green heron resting on a rock enjoying the sunshine.  If you look closely at the right side of the photo, you can spot a little tree lizard also basking.
With the flick of a button on my zoom lens, I changed focus and got these two shots.
LOVE my little pocket camera!!
We were surprised to see even more improvements happening over by the softball field and the concession trailer.  They're installing pavers now between the stand and the tented area.  Very nice!
The grass on the big dog agility park is turning fresh green.
Hey....John the balloon guy is back!  Looks like you and the visiting grandkids can enjoy a hot air balloon ride over our beautiful park.  I highly recommend the ride as it is awesome.
Check the big decal on John's trailer.  It is a photo taken right here in Palm Creek.  You can see John's website at the top of the trailer so you can check out the rides he has to offer.
I took a ride with John last year and took some great photos.  See them at the link below:
Palm Creek by Air

Back at the Bistro, work continues at a frenzied pace as the goal is to be finished and open by November 1.
Meanwhile, these two ladies were enjoying the big hot tub.  They were the only two to show up for the water aerobics class this morning.  Come join them!!
Linda Balzan confering with Bob and Sharon Fahrenbruch.  Looks like Bob might finally be done painting all those stop sign posts.
Here's Eddie at work fixing and repair the spotlights along the street that shine up into the palm trees.

Gotta run.  Am teaching a Picasa class this morning.  Come join us for computer classes.  See the listing under "Computer Classes" at the top of the blog or on the bulletin board called "Computer Classes" up in Activities.
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