Monday, July 11, 2016

Sewer Maintenance

Don felt an urge to go OUT Sunday so on a whim, we went to the movies and watched "Finding Dory" which is a cute children's animated story.  It was fun to listen to a little girl seated not far from us who said the big fish was "vewy scawey".   

After the movie, we went to Bostons for dinner.  I had a delicious chicken w/broccoli and Don had fish and chips.......after he assured me he wasn't eating Dory.

I commented that this was the first time we'd been to Bostons when we didn't run into some Palm Creekers.  Whoops...........there they are.  Say hi to Bob and Gladys Debonville 

This morning we were back at work on our rounds....which almost ALWAYS includes fixing someone's irrigation system.  Last year air conditioning units gave us headaches.  This summer it is definitely irrigation systems.

Maria from our housekeeping staff is ever busy keeping our buildings clean and nice.  Thank you to that whole staff!

Eddie was busy cleaning the pool.

We found Simon's Sewer Maintenance working on Sandy Desert Drive by the west wall.

We spoke with the owner, Jay Simon, who explained that they were replacing six man holes along the street.  

He explained the whole process to Don but my brain couldn't really follow along.  If you have questions, you'll have to talk to Don.

I was fascinated watching the crew at work.  This is Jay's son talking to the guy who drew the short straw and is working down below the street.  Acckkkk.......

Even laying down on this asphalt would be way beyond me.  Hot Hot Hot

Here's my thermometer reading when we got home.