Thursday, July 28, 2016

Monsoon Storm

We had a true desert monsoon storm last night.  Our anemometer  (wind speed measuring thingy on our roof) said we had gusts of 45 miles per hour.  I heard the wind start and then heard what I thought was rain hitting the metal patio roof and the kitchen windows.  Went outside to watch the "rain" but quickly discovered it wasn't rain............but lots of dirt!  It was like flying gravel.  It was too dark to take pictures but we could see actual clouds of dirt blowing in front of the street lights.  We obviously didn't stay outside for long because we didn't want to breath it in.  About 5 minutes later it finally turned to rain and we had a lovely hard fast .20 inch rainfall to wash away most of the dirt.  This morning's sky was beautiful (although photos never do it justice).

After morning rounds (which took a LONG time today) we only found one home with significant damage.

There were several wandering BBQ grills, missing sun screens, and tipped over plants but nothing too serious.  

Our streets show the aftermath of a windy night.  Lots of sand and dirt on Granite.

Oasis looks a little ragged too.

Whoops....almost forgot about the downed palm tree on the golf course.