Thursday, March 16, 2017

Add a Comment

I learned something new about blogging from the Geeks on Tour this week.  Now YOU can add a comment to my posts.  At the bottom of each entry, there is a link that may say "No Comments".  If you click on that, a box will open where you can type in a comment, question or response to the information I posted.  You can also read what others have to say.  

*NOTE:  I reserve the right to delete or block any advertising or negative comments.  I will read them and take note of a negative comment but it will then be deleted.  My blog is a HAPPY place full of good news and exciting events.


  1. I love comments! We had a great week at Palm Creek - I'm so glad you learned something. And, I know that others said they learned a lot too. We love coming to Palm Creek. You always make us feel so welcome. And, there's nothing better than a room full of lifelong learners for these geeks to talk to.

    Thanks for everything Sue!

  2. It was a great week learning more from the Geeks!

  3. sue keep up the good work on the Blog and looking forward to the construction up dates this summer.

  4. Thanks for your keeping the Blog a "Happy Place"!! Love that, Sue!! George and I enjoy your Blog updates as well as all the pictures. It keeps us up to date with Palm Creek....all year long!! Thanks a bunch!! xo Carol and George Stuart


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