Thursday, March 23, 2017

End of Season Party

Wow!  We had a record crowd at the end of season party today!  1400 meal tickets were sold and there were many more people who came just to enjoy the music, laughter, and a beautiful day.  The place was packed.  

The band was an Eagles Tribute and they were fantastic.  They had the crowd on their feet dancing in every available open space.  

I'm trying to post a short YouTube video.  Hope it works!  Who says Seniors don't have fun.  Watch the dancers!

Congratulations to the staff for making it all come together.  Offices closed early this afternoon as it was "all hands on deck" for every staff member to assist with serving 1400 meals in a timely manner.  

Thank you to the entire staff for a GREAT fun-filled season!!
Lisa Herold seldom misses one of our big events.

The crowd surprised everyone though as beer and wine sold out in a hurry.  Staff was sent downtown to restock.

A very SPECIAL thank you goes to Marion Nelson for heading up this HUGE event.  By the end of the day, I'm sure she was ready for one of these bottles.  😎


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