Monday, January 18, 2016

Silver Sliders

What FUN it was to watch our ladies softball tournament this past weekend.  I even enjoyed watching their practice session.

I don't know many of the players since they are from surrounding areas but I could definitely cheer for Lori Scott as she is one of our local "Creekers".   Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of Della Bass.

I could never hope to throw a ball as far as these gals can........especially that big softball.

The new pool is still under construction but this day I saw them adding nice decorative grass between the food court and the pool.

We had the most BEAUTIFUL sunset Saturday night!  I was glad that Barb Poole was out with her camera to catch the scene.

Photo by Barb Poole

I watched our Silver Sliders in their tournament game.  Yes!  They won!!

Bill Sheedy is happy to be in the "almost done" crows nest where he can announce the games and oversee the action.