Friday, February 05, 2016

I'm back!

WOW.  I spent 10 whole days locked in the house with no outside contact with friends or neighbors due to a nasty bout of bronchitis.  Thank you to all who emailed me complaining about no current posts on this blog.  At least I know I was missed.  (They were all 'friendly' and concerned folks who kept in touch. :))
The good news is that I'm healthy again and fully recovered so can get back in reporter mode for this huge upcoming cancer awareness weekend.

This morning there were two pancake breakfasts being served before a gang of volunteers started filling the bags for the luminaries.  The golf tournaments are well underway as well.

I made it to the Texas Hold'em poker game Wednesday night along with 90+ other residents.  We had a full 12 tables of players which is maximum capacity for our current room.

Today Don and I drove over to check the progress of the new activity pool.  The kool deck has been completed and there is nice tile around the edges.

Lots of landscaping being done around the outside of the fence.

The new restrooms are being painted and should be done in another week or so.  

Newly refinished tennis courts had to be delayed due to the cold weather as the special paint requires warmer temperatures.