Friday, February 12, 2016

Full Season

I had to ride up to the mail room this morning to pick up a package.  It made me smile all along the way to see how busy and active our park is at full season.  Thought I'd share a few snapshots I took along the way.

First drove past the tennis courts.  All available courts were in full use.

The players look wistfully at the new courts waiting for the green light when they will have more room to play.

 Their bulletin board keeps the existing four courts well occupied.

It's always fun to pause at the puppy park and watch the busy pups at play.  Those added benches and umbrella are much appreciated by puppy owners.

Lawn bowlers were at the height of a tournament game.

Ricki Persing wasn't playing though.  She was on duty at the hostess station waiting to welcome new guests.  Thank you again, Ricki for all you and Myron do for the program.

Stop to view the pretty flowers and landscaping on the way to the office.

The billiards room looks pretty busy even on a nice sunny warm day.

New guests arriving every day.  Registration desk is always busy.

Volunteers are selling tickets for the chorus and the play.

Activities is bustling.

The library is really busy.

Finally made it to the mail room to pick up my package.

Silversmith room looks busy too.

Spotted this couple sitting in the walkway cruising their email from friends back home in the snow.

Ahhhh......yes.....the luxury of the nicest hot tub in town.

Folks just gather on the patio for a cup of coffee or quick sandwich from the bistro.

If only there was a workable deterrent for the darned pigeons.  They're getting braver now and don't even fly away when we walk past.  I love birds but these critters are a real mess.

Must stop and get some fresh veggies and oranges from this vendor.  He comes to the park every Tuesday and Friday.  I get a full back of yummy oranges for only $5.

Took a quick look at the pups in the big agility park.  

Softball game is underway.

I couldn't get the camera to focus well enough so you could see two remote control airplanes flying in the background over their special airfield.  Will have to make a trip back there on another day.

Needless to say, the pickleball courts were well occupied.

They have an information desk staffed by volunteers for the MANY people who stop by to learn about the sport.  

Have you noticed all the new baby oleanders at the back of the street of dreams?  They'll look a lot different in a year or two.  More trimming for our busy landscape crew.

The ducks are enjoying our pond.

My last stop was on Putter Place where I stopped to pick a pocket full of  kumquats.  WOW!  Is this tree ever loaded with fruit!!  Thank you Len for a nice morning treat.

All this fun and activity on a beautiful sunny warm day.  Current temperature is 84 degrees.    No wonder we love living here!!