Sunday, February 21, 2016

Busy Weekend

Gosh.........I don't even know where to begin with all the news from this weekend.  The park was absolutely booming with activity and the weather is absolutely gorgeous!

First stop after weaving my way through traffic due to the patio sales at many of the sites was to see finishing touches to the new activity pool.  Lots of backbreaking work to smooth it all off.

Ta da..........finished!  Now a couple days to let it filter and we're ready for action.

Restrooms should be ready soon as well.

The newly refinished tennis courts are in full swing.  All eight courts were active this morning.  Our tennis players are HAPPY again.

Roberta is not only an avid tennis player........she's my 'bestest' bridge partner too.

The woodshop's wood show and sale was fantastic!  We have sooooo many talented people here.

Tom Proctor does these amazing works of art.  

Arden Griepp can add his artistic drawing to his wood pieces.

Texas Eddie

Judy Clark has a beautiful collection!!!

I had to smile as I passed this line up of patient husbands resting in the shade while the ladies finished their shopping.

And, of course, lunch was served on the patio.

Next door was the annual quilt show.  Dolores Forbis played background music for this lovely event.

All these colorful items are donated to the hospital for newborns.  A true labor of love.

Fantastic work for our veterans too.

If I'm allowed to have favorites, I claim this one by Nancy Proctor.

There is a whole group of sewers who make clothes for this American doll.  Their theme this year was international so each doll had a wardrobe from a different country.

Bonnie Sewell sent me these fun photos from the morning Stretchers class lead by Rita Mullins.  

Looks like they have fun at their exercise!

While all these activities are here at the resort, some of our residents took their skills to a bigger competition in Tucson.  They entered their dogs in the big agility show there and all came away as winners.  Looks like the training classes lead by Karen Rust and Lynne Benton have definitely paid off.

(Terry Meyers and Blue, Sandy Morin and Grace, Jan Turner and Rusty)

I end today's post with this cute photo of our senior card players!