Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Weather Update

What an awesome relief from the heat!  We had cool cloud cover giving us a temp of only 80 degrees.  It felt wonderful!!!

I'm sure our crews were happy as well.

Now that almost all palm trees are done, the crew is focusing on trimming all along Cole Circle.

Another new four way stop.  Hopefully, the stop signs will slow down the speeders.

Jaime was cleaning the new pool so we stopped to say hello.

Jane was busy giving Lucky some exercise.  

Nothing like a good game of catch on a cool day in a nice big dog run.

The new Champion house at site 2017 is now put together.  

Check out the wind sock over on the pickleball courts.  That last storm sorta "done her in".

It still works though.  It's pointing in the right direction.

Here are photos from the TV last night talking about the very unusual downpour in Phoenix.  Some areas had 2.5 inches of rain in less than an hour.  They're calling it a "once in 500 years" incident.  It caused immediate flash flooding.

Highway 17 was completely closed and traffic was backed up for miles.  

Cars washed away from the highway.

Here's our forecast for the coming week.  

Suzette Taylor captured this picture of the storm hanging over Phoenix.

Photo from Suzette Taylor