Sunday, August 21, 2016

A little more dust

A little more dust won't hurt us.  Winds were only gusting to 25 mph so it wasn't bad.  Just a typical monsoon day.  It looks much bigger when Phoenix shows it from the air.

Here's what it was from my kitchen window.  You can tell by the trees it was quite gusty.

Weatherbug shows all the green area as dust.

We had a few drops of rain -- just enough to give us a pretty rainbow and then we had clear sky again.  Monsoon storms never last longer than a few minutes as they "blow" through the area.

Forecast for the week looks pretty good.  Nothing over 110 which is a good thing!

Storm or no storm, we stay indoors and have FUN.  Today we celebrated Lillie Corbitt's birthday.  Lillie's birthday was in April but it's never too late to have a party.

We have a new game now.  It's Mahjong with cards instead of the regular tiles.  Thought we'd give it a try.

Tonight was Omaha.  Just one table of 8 players but we had a great time.  Say hello to John Mizer.  He and his wife Suzanne are just moving into a new house at 1981 and will be year-round residents.  The sales office has been very busy this summer.