Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dish Internet and TV news

Don had a nice chat with Gary Lambert to learn about our new internet capabilities.  Per Don:

"Talked to Gary at the coffee and doughnuts thing earlier this week and he explained where we are with our new internet (fiber optics).  Almost all the conduit has been buried throughout the park.  This has been a huge undertaking that required cutting trenches across each street and throughout the entire park.  We are now waiting for the arrival of the cable itself which will be pulled through the conduit.  At that time our current nodes will be replaced with digital ones.
There will be three speeds available to us.  The slowest will be the one we are now using (somewhere around 13 Mbs), the next will be about twice as fast (neighborhood of 25 Mbs) and the last will be about twice as fast again (a blazing 50 Mbs more or less).  These will come at three different prices per month depending on the speed we choose, but the final cost to us has not yet been determined.
In addition, the broadband coming into the park will be doubled in capacity to handle the volume caused by those higher speeds and also any increase in the number of users.
Once the internet improvement has been completed the park TV cable will be shut down for a day or two and that service will be updated to include 48 channels (not sure which ones will be added yet) and upgrade to high definition.
This entire upgrade is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of October, but as we all know, new technology comes bundled with occasional problems and hiccups.  Hopefully this upgrade will not fall too far behind schedule."

Sounds like quite an undertaking!  Thank you, Sun Communities.  Let's keep our fingers crossed for good results.

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