Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bow Wow Dog Show

A common joke here is that when I get reborn, I want to come back as a pet at Palm Creek.  Yes, indeed we have some pampered and much loved pets here. 

We had a great turn out for the annual dog show on Friday morning.

After judging the best "tricks", we were treated to the agility course.  What fun to watch the action!  Congratulations to the dog owners who have spent so much loving time with their animals.
Some dogs were a little faster than others but strolled through the course with definite obedience looking forward to that kibble treat at the end.
Our famous park photographer was there as usual with cameras in hand.  Ray Valentine also entertained us with his great barking skills to attract the dog's attention so they would smile at the camera.
Play time is never over for this terrier who simply would not let go of his favorite toy.
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