Friday, October 15, 2010

The Season Approaches

The official “Welcome Home” sign is up and Yogi (Roger Balzan) and his team are at bat at the front gate to greet you. 

housewatch blog 010

blog 002

The front office is decorated and the whole entrance area looks so attractive.  Lots of smiles and friendly greetings await our arriving guests.

housewatch paint blog 022The Activities Office is buzzing with preparations for the upcoming plethora of events and fun times.  Mary Williams was at the ticket desk when I entered there this morning so I’m posting her picture too.  Say Hi to Mary when you see her around the park and let her know she was seen “on the blog”. housewatch paint blog 024 The front nine of the golf course is coming along beautifully.  Such a pretty green color and the smell of new grass.  The back nine is now under construction so the dirt and dust still permeates the air in that area.  Certainly is hard to keep a clean car but that’s the hazard of living in the desert. 

By now you’re probably either on the road or at least packing your suitcases.  Hope to see you soon.  Please be sure to stop by and say Howdy.


P.S.  I experimented with adding a “page” to this blog so I could keep some info from getting buried in the archives.  Notice across the top of the page that there are now tabs so you can see other info that may be added.  Click on the “recommended vendors” page for the newest entry.

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