Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Kent and Leslie Evans at Site 1769 saw an unusual site as they gazed from their patio over the golf course lake this week.  What is that floating out in the lake?  Shark?  Turtle?  Nope.  It’s a frogman!  When an underwater pump is broken, you must call in the experts to do the repair and “git ‘er done” as Larry the Cable Guy would say.  Thank you, Kent, for sharing your photos. 

Add items like this to the long list of expensive repairs and upkeep that it takes to keep our resort as beautiful as it is. 

kent diver 002

kent diver 007

kent diver 001

“The Season” seems to be kicking into high gear quite early this year as folks are returning in droves!  Once they’ve arrived and get unpacked, they’re ready for action so quite a few of the clubs and activities are starting already.  We attended the first meetings of the Photo Club and the Computer Club this week and it sounds like both groups are looking forward to great adventures.

blog 004


  The first Photo Club meeting of the year had a bigger attendance than anticipated.  Folks are present and ready for action this season.



To follow the happenings at computer club, be sure to log into their club blog site.  There you’ll read about the meeting minutes and topics of future events.

Speaking of websites, don’t forget to check out the official Palm Creek website and read all the information posted there.  The Activities Calendar, Events Calendar, and Athletic Calendar, plus much more!

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