Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm back

Mid September and people are slowly trickling back to their winter home.  Lots of construction activity still happening and the rush is on to get it all done. This morning was beautiful at 71 degrees but it still gets plenty warm in the afternoons.  We enjoy being able to have that morning cup of coffee on the patio once again though.  Yahoo!  

Trimming the palm trees on the golf course even before the final shaving of the grass.  That way the sweeper will pick up more of the debris for recycling.


The last of the single wide park models is ready to move off the street of dreams.  New models will move in soon.

The crew is here to install the big shade tent over by the softball field.
Pretty short entry today, huh?  Didn't want my camera to get overheated.  Is that an original excuse?
Some times animals can have a bad day too!

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