Thursday, September 05, 2013

More bricks and mortar

 The weather forecast calls for continued triple digit temps this week so we enjoy the early morning hours while we can....then hibernate indoors till pool time in the evening.  The construction continues on throughout the day out there in the heat and sunshine though.  Still working on this wall by the tee box on 17.

The back 9 is closed for reseeding.  They'll be mowing it down for the next couple days.
We spotted Jim Dawson and Lillie Corbitt out measuring and marking the ground where the new shade tent will be by the ballfield.  It will be a big tent like the one at the tennis courts.
The steel beams by the Bistro are still coming in.
Work at the tennis courts continues also.
The fence had to be reinstalled before they could paint these final corner posts.  I think our tennis players will be very happy with this huge investment in their sport.
Cement trucks are busy at all the new home sites with patios, driveways, sidewalks, etc. This is Tim and Judy Lindsey's new home at 1338.

Can anyone relate to this cartoon??

Maybe we should see if Mr. Dawson can make some improvements like this to make our lives easier. 

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  1. Ken & Wendy Hague7:12 AM

    Thanks for the update, Sue. Great to see all the upgrades happening at Palm Creek. We can't wait to spend our first Snow Bird winter in Casa Grande

  2. Awesome updates!!!
    Keep well
    See you in November
    Computer Room has been reserved


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