Friday, September 27, 2013

Heron Visitors

Forget the construction for today...............I have a birding story to tell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Along the edge of the pond on #9 we spotted a group of herons.  There were 6 night herons and one great blue heron.  Some of the night herons were just juveniles yet as they were still in their drab brown coloring.  They were all spread out along the edge so I could only get a few in the lens at a time.

Adult night heron
Great blue heron
Juvenile night heron
Uh Oh.........then along came a feral cat slinking along the shrubs.
We watched the cat slowly sneak up on the birds although we could tell they knew the cat was present.
Yup....when the cat sprang from hiding, the birds took off.
Then they regathered farther away.  Awesome!
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