Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It was a LONG weekend for me

It was a long weekend for poor me as I was down with an ugly migraine headache but I'm springing back among the living again.  Today was a wonderful day to be out as the temps were in the low 70s this morning.  It was actually cooler outside than inside in the air conditioning.  

Dave is still out there working on those tennis courts.  Two appear to be finished as we see the stripes and the nets up.  Looks great.

Two more to go.
Another truckload of furniture has arrived.  We've gotten many many new tables and chairs and assorted items for our use in the different card and craft rooms.
The fitness center is making progress.  This new addition will be for the aerobics equipment like treadmills, stair steppers, etc.
Through this doorway into the previous section will be for the weights and other equipment.
Ernesto is at work in the laundry room helping prepare the floor for tile.
The bistro is coming along nicely too.
I posted these architectural drawings earlier but will put them here again to help you visualize how nice it will look when done.

We met Kate just as she was coming in for another long day at the office.
We found a cute little restaurant over in Arizona City that serves delicious broasted chicken.  It is called "Flashbacks" as the decor is aptly named.  We were lucky to meet the owners...Gloria and Chris Eddy.  Chris must have been camera shy as he disappeared but we caught Gloria for a photo.  The restaurant has been open for about three years but this was our first trip there and we found it to be fun with good food.  Stop in to say hello.  It's a small place though so don't show up with a big crowd!

 Sam and Donna Cox have a new puppy named Sophie.  What a cute bundle of fur.

Here's Sam explaining the world affairs to his eager student.


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