Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lots of Activity

Another beautiful sunrise this morning....and a big crow flew through just as I took the photo.  Don and I like to get up early and take advantage of the cool weather...but we notice that it is still dark at a later time now.  It used to be sunrise about 4:45 and now its more like 5:30.  Guess that means the summer is advancing.
Wow.  Landscapers have been busy.  We spotted this whole new row of oleanders this morning.
Jim called us to make sure we came up to see the power buggies in action as it is rather a unique way of pouring cement in a confined area.
Gone are the days of the old fashioned wheel barrows.
The buggies fill up at the truck and then drive to their destination.
Here they're pouring the footings for the bistro.
This will be an entry point from the pool area.
The fitness and laundry room renovation continues.  Now we see the basic wall that will remain for laundry room.
This side will be the fitness center.
New doors and windows are being added.
The crew in palm park is hard at it.  There will be a big compass point created in these bricks.
Laser sending units are used throughout all the projects these days.  
Footings for the new stage should be poured soon.
Here's something new for me again!  We stopped to watch the painters at the tennis courts and I saw him using some kind of a wand.  At first I thought it was a dryer to fast dry the paint....but after talking to them we learned that it is an electrostatic spray gun.  What??????  It is electrostatic so that the fine mist of paint wraps itself around the pipe.  What next!!  Never heard of that before but it certainly beats having to paint all those pipes and poles with a brush.
The red color you see is a primer.  The final coat will be black.
There are a LOT of poles to be painted on the courts!  This project will keep them busy for quite a while.

Here is a peek inside of the new casita for Del and Ann LaRue at Site 854.  Very nice!

Interior photos provided by Nancy Paupst from Sales.
 We have had a VERY NICE summer so far.  I think the big difference is that it cools down to the 70s at night making mornings very pleasant.  We've been able to spend a lot more time outdoors and there is certainly plenty of activity to keep us entertained and occupied.  To all readers:  I hope your summer is going well also!  Have a GREAT day.

Let's hope our construction folks don't make these kinds of mistakes!

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