Monday, August 19, 2013

Here comes a cottage.

Extending the walkway from the shuffleboard area to the horseshoes.  Very nice.  Continual improvements all the time!

This is the old sewing room.  The front half....from the new doorway forward will be additional space for the pottery group since their numbers have grown so much.  They need the space!
I can't wait to see this froggie waterfall when he's finished.
We watched that big bucket lift load up this morning.  Fascinating to watch all the big construction equipment come and go.
The crew at Palm Park is busy busy busy.  The concrete dust flies as they saw through the pavers.  (cough cough!)  I'm glad to see him wearing a mask.
The design is coming along nicely.
Ernesto and Jaime are working on the stage.
Here comes a new spec home.....called a COTTAGE.  It appears to be just one piece.  It is parked over at 1662 so I can watch it from my front window.
John Blount on scene to make sure it gets parked correctly.
Neighbor Sandy and dog Zena came out to watch the action too.

Not much new to see in the fitness center but the electricians have been very busy in there.
Whoops....Don took some photos of palm park too.  I almost missed them.

Pretty cactus flower in bloom over at the "casita farm" on Copper Spirit Lane north of the north pool.  We affectionately call that area "the casita farm" because of the new casitas and the lovely RV sites in that area.

Linda Berry's dog, Muffin, decided she would rather ride along in the cart than walk home.

Believe it or not.............Don took a picture of a cactus in bloom.  It was a very unusual photo so thought I'd post it here to share with you.  (Site 713)

Lyndsay and Shirley Beck sent me a nice picture of age 50.  Some of us age nicer than others!

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