Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Palm Park

Here's what our almost daily dust storms look like.  It's just dusty....nothing serious and they don't last long.  They just appear out of nowhere and are gone again.  Hardly worth taking a picture...but you know me and my trusty camera.  When there's no rain, the dust isn't a problem as it just blows away in the next breeze.  The sad part is that two nights this week it was blowing at pool time!  We so look forward to that evening dip in the pool but its not worth breathing in all the dust.  

The ducks were all lined up along the pond this morning.  Cute.
The softball score board is back up again.
Palm park is bursting with activity this morning.  
The center design appears to be done.  Nice job!
Visualize it with nice green grass surrounding it.
Lots of precision cutting of some tough bricks.
Now the crew is focusing on the front sidewalk.  This front lane will all be paved too.
Ta Ta for now.

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