Friday, August 23, 2013

It's like a FRENZY

The resort is just a frenzy of activity today.  Join us on our daily tour.
Planting oleanders along the water channel by the new construction area.  This will make a nice looking hedge in front of that new wall.

Those trees are acacia aneura...commonly called mulga.  The Mulga Acacia is one of the most versatile desert trees used in landscape designs. Mulga Acacias sport a dense canopy with small gray/silvery leaves and offer gorgeous seasonal yellow blooms. The bright golden flowers and keeping leaves year round in the southwest are some of the reasons that they are a home owner’s favorite tree. Mulga Acacias are uniquely sized and shaped trees that can be planted as a privacy screen, or as a smaller free standing tree. Native to Australia, they are well suited to desert environments and grow very quickly with very little maintenance.
(Thank you wikipedia)

The wall is going up for the expanded pottery room.
Palm Park is going to be so pretty.  Oak trees.
Fernando always wears a smile when he can drive something.

You can bet Mr. Dawson is out there keeping watch over everything.

Here's Ernesto at work building the wall by the Bistro.

Here's something new again.  Never saw a small curb machine like this...and the crew has obviously worked together for a while because they are a real team.  Putting in a curb along the edge of the golf course to allow trimming and lawn mowing.  This will be done along 14, 15, and 16.
Cement mixer is in the truck and gets dumped into wheelbarrows.
These guys must really be physically fit.  That concrete is heavy and they really move fast.
Take time to watch this quick video.....and remember how hot it is out there.

We met Joe and Sue Reineck this morning....happy new owners at 1947.  They're working with John Blount this morning to talk about sheds and awnings, etc.  

1937 arrived this morning.  The drivers are getting lots of practice bringing in new homes these days.  
Congrats to Don and Suzie.

With all this activity going on, we always need resident supervisors.  Say Howdy to Jerry MacDonald and Bob Fahrenbruch as they discuss the world's problems at the north gate.

You have to give our pickleball players a lot of credit for getting out almost every morning.  They're here again today.  The money invested in these courts will not go unused.  

I have more I could post.....but time is short and it's time to go play.  See ya tomorrow.

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