Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Deadheaders Group

While the rest of the country (especially the Northeast) suffers in miserable cold, snow, heavy rains, floods, power outages, etc, we here in Arizona continue to enjoy the best of the best. Our temps average in the upper 60s or low 70s. If we feel a bit chilled, we just have to move our chair into that wonderful Arizona sunshine and can immediately feel the warmth of the sun's rays. Awesome! While some of our winter guests may complain about our occasional rainy day because it interferes with their tennis, golf, pickleball, horseshoes, shuffleboard, swimming events, we Arizonians treasure the rain knowing it refills our water table and will provide a beautiful flowery spring when the desert awakens in another month or two.

Speaking of flowers: The flower beds here in the resort are beautiful again this year and really highlight the entrance to the park. While our landscape crews work so hard to plant and maintain the flower beds, the flowery show of blossoms wouldn't be near as successful if it weren't for the wonderful volunteers who assist with the program. I'm sure you've seen these dedicated volunteers at work as you drive through the streets of Palm Creek, but you may not recognize their faces as they're bent over toiling away at their assignment of "deadheading" the flowers to keep them in constant bloom.

I often wondered who these folks were and if they were "official" volunteers or just passersby who stopped to tweak an occasional flower. By lucky chance one day, I met Leslie Evans as we both happened to be accessing our mailboxes and started a casual conversation. Lo and behold, we got on the subject of flowers and she mentioned that she is one of the "Deadheaders" group. I didn't know this avid group of volunteers existed. The group is led by Barbara Johnson (our General Manager's wife) and Jeff Eckart (Golf & Grounds Manager). They asked for volunteers via Channel 3 and the Activities Office, met and equipped them with more knowledge about the flowers and what is needed to maintain their blooms. Then the group signed up for certain flower beds to tend. Next time you see them at work, stop to let them know how much we appreciate their efforts!!!

I saw these ladies at work yesterday and stopped to grab a quick photo. I don't have a list of all the volunteers but would like to salute them all and say thanks for adding to the beauty of our resort.

Denise Erickson, MaryAnn Canfield, Lesley Evans

P.S.  I also learned the name of those tall ever-so-fragrant flowers that lie at the center of most beds.  They're called "stocks".

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