Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bead Show

There was a great article on the front page of the Casa Grande Dispatch this morning so I've posted it here for your perusal. It is so nice to see a full park once again and it gives me hope about our yucky economy. I sat on the patio soaking up the sunshine with a good book the other day and watched some of the activity in the neighborhood. One site just arrived home from a bike ride, the neighbors returned home from a round of golf with clubs in tow, Carrie was back from the laundry room with an armload of clothes, a couple folks were out washing and polishing their rigs, LOTS of people were out walking their dogs, small groups were gathered in the street enjoying a casual chat, I could hear the pong pong from the pickleball courts and laughter from the shuffleboard area. Add to that the singing of a near by finch in our palm tree .... and what more could you ask for! I do so love living in Palm Creek!!

The next two weeks are full of activity in nearby Tucson for the annual world-wide Gem and Mineral show. We gathered up a group of avid beaders and headed to the show with full pocketbooks in hand. I can't explain what there is about beads that makes them so attractive but it sure is fun to look at all the different shapes, colors, textures and varieties available. A show like Tucson is quite overwhelming as there are booths from around the world present to sell their wares. I overheard quite a few foreign languages as I wandered through the crowds and many of the booth workers were oriental or from the far east. Fascinating! Everyone seemed to be in a good mood and happy to be there.

We enjoyed a great lunch at a nearby restaurant and headed back to the show again in the afternoon. When the pocketbooks got suddenly light, some of us decided we had enough so we went back to the restaurant for coffee and dessert until it was time for departure. What a fun day!! Now we can't wait to get together again and swap beads, share creative ideas, and get to work at building new designer jewelry.

I'm strictly a point and shoot amateur photographer...but I just had to try to capture this awesome sunrise this week. Have I ever mentioned that I really like living here??

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