Monday, February 08, 2010

Gourd Show

It was a busy weekend at the annual Gourd Show held at the fairgrounds at 11 Mile Corner. Wuertz Farms sponsors this show every year but this was the first time I attended. (Sure is fun not having to work full time anymore!) I could never understand what all the hoopla was about for a gourd show until I walked through the tent door and saw the items on display. Oh my gosh! These are some truly talented artisans. It certainly takes a special talent to come up with the creativity and artistic effects these crafters put into their creations. I snapped a couple photos but should have taken more.

This is my very favorite!

There were also some talented entertainers providing music while we browsed through the displays. This particular group was really very entertaining especially when they played "The Saints Come Marching In" to get us prepped for the super bowl game later that day. Many folks were clapping along, tapping their feet, and enjoying the music.

It was interesting to look through the various supply booths that vendors had on display. Gourds are beautiful but there certainly appears to be a lot of work and dedication involved in the craft. Some vendors were there selling seeds so you could plant your own gourd garden. There were displays showing and explaining how to customize the growth of the gourds by twisting, turning, or stretching them during growth. I watched several vendors as they demonstrated the various kinds of glue, glitter, dyes, paints, and stains used for decorating. There were booths demonstrating different drills, sanders, buffers and gourd cleaners. Whew! Sounds like a lot of work and you must need a whole workshop at your disposal. Classes were being held to teach the craft and special techniques.

Outside were bins filled with thousands of different sizes, shapes, and varieties of gourds. This is definitely NOT an inexpensive hobby! Check out more details and photos at this website:

Since I am posting so many photos today....I might as well upload this one of my good buddies too.  Thank you, Connie and Gerry, for putting up with me.

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