Friday, October 27, 2017

Bistro & Activities

 Lots of activity by the Bistro patio expansion.

New firepits to be installed.

Lots of paver work getting done.

Many Many Many of we "creekers" will enjoy this new patio area.

I walked down the hallway in the admin building and saw these cute things in the display window for the pro shop.

Cute ball markers too.

and look at the really nice drink coasters!

We went into the Activities office to purchase some stuff.  Even though the sign still says they're closed until November 1, the place is booming with activity.

Meet Diane Manley.  She is the new assistant for Marion Nelson.  I welcomed Diane and told her I hoped she was up to the challenge of following a very busy lady as Marion hops from one major event to another.

Barb Poole was there too but didn't want her photo taken so here she is yelling at me not to take her picture.  Barb is sooooo much fun and a delight to be around.  She creates the BEAUTIFUL Happenings newsletters that we all enjoy.



Mouse received another gift from one of his fans.  Sue Reineck stopped us on the street and said she had a gift for Mouse.  This gift was sent from Sue's friend who watches the blog but doesn't even stay at Palm Creek!  That's awesome.  Soon he will start his own fan club.

Mouse says "thank you".  The toy has put on several miles around the living room already and was rescued from under the couch this morning.

I had to laugh this morning when I found Don climbing under his bed to retrieve the shoe Mouse carried away.

Later Don was yelling because Mouse disintegrated a report Don had meticulously printed out.

The next complaint was that Mouse helped himself to Don's fresh glass of ice water on his desk.

Uh Oh..................Mouse is pushing the limits as I persuaded Don NOT to microwave the cat!!

Luckily, Mouse lives to continue the day.

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