Friday, October 06, 2017

Street Resurfacing & Mail Room

I received a request from a reader asking me to post the street schedule for upcoming resurfacing.  Excellent suggestion as the folks just returning may like the information.  You will need to scroll in to read fine print.  To do that, use your mouse wheel or Control +

Looks like this is the only section of the park being least for now.

The newly renovated mail room is now open for business.  I'm sure the staff really appreciates their new space making it easier to handle the truck loads of mail we receive during a season.

Thank you to Donna Cox and her staff for taking such good care of our mail.
I'm sure it is a daunting task many of us take for granted.

The October newsletter is available on line at October Happenings.

I copied some special informative articles for you:

From KEVIN FLYNN, General Manager

From MARION NELSON, Event Manager

From MARY ANN BROWN, Activities Manager

From ROBIN PERRY, Food Services Manager

Personally, I think the biggest challenge is for poor Robin dealing with feeding hundreds of people at a time at 3-4 different locations in a brand new kitchen that's quite a ways from being completed yet, new equipment, and probably new staff to train.  Whew!!!  Hang in there, Robin!  We're cheering for you.

I believe the theme for this season should be "patience and understanding" as we go through massive multi-million dollar construction projects.


No special "Mouse Tails" to report today.
He's been relatively calm except for chattering at the hummingbirds through the window.

While adorable because he likes to keep me company, he can cause havoc on the computer.  I've had to redo quite a few pages already due to his "help".

Don thinks its cute to watch me type without disturbing the cat.
Life with Mouse is a challenge.

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