Friday, October 13, 2017

Street Resurfacing

We sorta gave up on trying to do our rounds on this side of the park today due to the street resurfacing taking place.  Even if the barricades were down, we didn't want to be the first ones to drive over the new black surface and risk bringing it home on our tires.  Our golf cart goes to A1 Golf today for its summer maintenance so well be back in action on Monday.  

Looks like someone was impatient on this street though as they must have driven right through the barricade leaving very fresh tire tracks.



The biggest news in our quiet lives is the new $500 security door from Lowes.  Installers were here yesterday.

They measured and trimmed until it fits perfectly.  Nice job!

Passed final inspection as it closes securely.
BUT...............later that afternoon when it came time to close the inside door, we discovered that we can't close both the inside door and the new screen door at the same time as the handles bump into each other.  LOL.  Whoops.  The guys will return this afternoon to make the adjustment.

Mouse added to our morning coffee entertainment as he tested out the new door.

You don't suppose it's a matter of time before he learns to pull down the handle??!!

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