Monday, October 30, 2017

Air Conditioners on Ballroom

Big activity today as a HUGE crane came to lift the big air conditioning units to the roof of the expanded ballroom.  Thank you to Dick Rietz for capturing the action.

Up Up and Away

The ballroom is a bit noisy these days with all the construction, but we do have some quiet areas of the park.  Love that new GREEN grass!!

Don enjoyed watching the great blue heron as he stalked the grounds along the creek.

Not a bad photo for a cell phone camera.

I made another trip to Pet Smart for cat food and had fun with this cute puppy roaming the store.

The Mouse fan club is growing.  Check the cute towel we received yesterday from the Campbells.  The bag and card were hand painted by Barb.  Thank you!!

I don't know if Don would agree that Mouse deserves praise.  Remember the report I showed you on a previous post that Mouse ripped up??  Well, Don reprinted extra copies but Mouse got to the printer first.  Not much left of the reprints either.  LOL

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