Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Work Continues

Always need a few extra pounds of grass seed to feed the doves.

They love this time of year.

Back 9 is turning a beautiful green.

Street repair is underway.  After the major repairs, they'll start seal coating.  We received a resurfacing notice in our mailboxes giving us the schedule so we can park elsewhere during our particular street schedule.  Coating starts October 10 so read the notice carefully.

Getting the ballroom ready for spraying the stucco.

Lots of trucks and crew at the sewing room this morning.

Don walked through the kitchen again as I sit here working away with Mouse by my side as usual.  He's growing soooo fast.  It's nice when he's satisfied to sit here with me because then I know he's not into some kind of devilish mischief.

Have a GREAT day!

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  1. Hello Sue. Have enjoyed your blog while away from our winter home. Returning next week for the winter. YAHOOOO..... In regards to the road repairs and seal coating...could you please publish the plan on your blog so that those of us arriving next week can be aware of the situation? Thank you


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