Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mostly Mouse

The grass is turning such a pretty color AND it has had its first mowing now.
Almost ready for the golfers.

Still lots of trenches in the ground for more pipes.

Lots of connections to be made.

WOW.  Nice big TV installed in front of the Adobe room specifically for the poker players.  This year they will have a computer program that displays the time of play each round, number of players, size of jackpot, etc.  They're getting techie.

We peeked in through an open door of the ballroom and can see walls being installed.

One of these days, we'll get permission to go inside when more interior work is done.


Awwww...........look who is waiting at the window to greet us when we come home.

Remember that nice plush bed we bought for him??  He still hasn't used it and seems to be much more comfortable on the cool floor where he can stretch out.

Today I snugged my bare feet under him at my desk.  He makes a great toe warmer and never woke up.

 I may soon need a bigger desk.  Where did that little kitten go??

And now for my favorite story.  
I found a pretty purple package on our patio today with a lovely anonymous card from "someone" who thanked us for the hours spent on the construction updates AND brought a special gift for Mouse.  I believe it is a safe guess that the donor is from Saskatchewan.  THANK YOU.  What a lovely surprise.  It certainly made our day.

Mouse LOVES the new toy.  It makes lots of squeaking noises.

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