Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I Surrender

Hello Readers,

Okay....I surrender.  Wherever I go around here, I hear the same complaint.  Why haven't I been blogging?????????????  It's actually heart warming to hear these complaints because it means folks like to read the blog and they actually miss it.  I'm flattered.  Thank you for all your kind comments.

I thought since so many folks were here now that they wouldn't really need/want/or desire to check the site but guess I was wrong.  I get emails from folks who are late arrivals or who have friends back home that like to check in................but the ones who tug at my heart strings are the ones who want to see what's going on here because they're home due to health problems.  I'll try to write more often although the season keeps us hopping here and the calendar gets mighty crowded with FUN adventures.

I've also been receiving more awesome cartoons about the nasty snow weather....especially from Canada and the frozen north.  I'll post a couple here today to share with you.....and I'll carry my camera around for a day or two to gather photos.  Till then......enjoy these:

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  1. You are back!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!!


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