Sunday, January 12, 2014

Welcome Party

 This Saturday was our annual "Welcome Back" party.  The weather was absolutely perfect and the band was GREAT!  On behalf of the 2500+ people that were present, we wish to thank our sponsors, Sun Communities, and the hard working volunteers and staff that labored so hard to make this event highly successful.  Our new Palm Park stage made its debut as well.  This new staging area and seating in Palm Park will host many fun events in the future.

There were tables displaying many of the clubs and activities that are active within the park.  It was a perfect opportunity for guests to ask questions and learn about all the events that occur here.
The food line looked LONG and discouraging, but it moved rather quickly.  It's hard to feed 2000 people that fast!  Congratulations to the kitchen staff!
Our softball teams are gearing up for big tournaments coming up next weekend....January 17 and 18.  Be sure to go to their blog and check the schedule.  Then reserve time to come out to the ballfield for a delicious lunch served from the Ballpark Grill and cheer for our teams!
Bingo games on Monday night are very popular.  Congratulations to Connie Morin as she won the big blackout jackpot last week for a total of $945!
Don and I took a short ride out to the future sight of the big Phoenix Mart that is going to be constructed out east of Overfield Road.  So far all we see are some flags and a sign.  If this complex really gets built, it will be HUGE for Casa Grande.
Sam's Club is a reality.  The exterior of the building looks almost complete.  Proposed opening is by May of this year.  It's hard to get a picture as we drive past but we'll try it again one of these days.

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