Sunday, January 19, 2014

Casa Grande Street Fair

The city of Casa Grande had a HUGE Street Fair and Car Show this weekend.  It was a great success judging by the number of vendors, food booths, and activities on the stage.  There was a huge crowd turnout each day!  I think it was the largest event they've sponsored.

I didn't take many photos but I do want to share a couple store owners that we met along our journey.  Need any flowers or decorations for your new home here?  Make sure to stop in at "Birds and Blossoms" in old town.  Their showroom and whole complex are beautifully decorated and the owners are super friendly and cordial.  I've heard many compliments about their store but this was my first visit.  It's beautiful!!  And they have a lovely apartment and patio set up in the back of the store.  Dean Vestal explained that they will even let small groups of card players or meetings to gather in the back room.  They can even have meals catered in from various restaurants in the area. 

 Another GREAT downtown shop is Inge's Fashions owned and operated by Inge Buchholz.  She has lovely women's clothing..........and plenty of lovely selections for us "fluffy" size  ladies.  :)
Stop in at these stores and tell them you read about them on the Palm Creek blog!
Shopping for some gifts??  Please consider shopping at these privately owned stores instead of running to the nearest big box corporate franchise. 
Uh Oh.............I just checked in on the Seahawks game and I figure I better go to the living room and start cheering them on.  See ya around the ranch!

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