Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Doggie Agility Classes

Thought I would take a moment to honor the Palm Creek residents and their furry friends who participate in the dog agility classes here in the park.  Karen Rust and her team of assistants devote a LOT of time to a FUN activity.

Agility Classes are on Monday and Thursday mornings.
This session, the most advanced dogs running actual courses at 9:30 on Mondays followed by a Beginners Agility class at 10:30.
Thursdays, there is another Beginners Agility class at 9:30 followed by a Foundation Skills class at 10:30.  Feel free to come watch. 

The following photos were taken by Terry Meyers.

 Glenness Batten & Zoe
 Jan Turner and Rusty
 Ken Anderson and Rosa
 Michael McRae and Holly
 Ron Stanley and Nusa
 Sandy Morin and Grace

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