Saturday, February 08, 2014

Cancer Awareness Weekend with Balloons

T'is the big Cancer Awareness Weekend when the whole resort tries to raise funds for local cancer charities.  Crews and volunteers set up in Palm Park with strings of lights and displays.  There were tables and tables of donated items on silent auction.  Music kept us entertained through the evening.

Luminaries were posted all along both sides of the road and sidewalks to be lit at sundown.
A parade wound its way around Cole Circle.
Lots of folks were there to pay tribute, bid on auction items, watch the hot air balloons get ready for their night time display, sip on hot chocolate and munch delicious cookies.
Saturday morning was the big launch event.  SIX big colorful balloons soared into the great blue carrying passengers across our pretty resort. 

Thank you to John Ross and his ballooning friends for contributing to the excitement of the event.

I watched the last of the balloons slowly drift over Cole Circle as I headed back home.

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