Friday, November 17, 2017

Booby Bingo, Curbs, and Progress

About 30 women from Palm Creek attended the Booby Bingo fund raiser to support breast cancer through the Cancer Support Center here in Casa Grande.  We met in the ballroom at Robson.

By the end of the evening, we had a messy table and proclaimed ourselves bingo losers.

The sobering part of the evening was when they asked if there were any breast cancer survivors in the audience.  We were all shocked when 17 ladies stepped forward.  We salute their success and courage.

Our ballroom portico is taking shape.

Pro shop is coming along as well.

Looks like there will be a nice paved patio near the pro shop.

Installing the pergola roof over the bistro area.

Ouch.  All that overhead painting to do.

Pigeons!  We've constantly battled the messy pigeon problem so this summer our maintenance crew installed these spikes in all the usual roosting sites.

Had to laugh when we saw some spots full of feathers from attempted landings.

Dolores Forbis and Larry Marick started the Wednesday entertainment on the poolside patio for the lunch hour.  Thank you!!!

Aha!  Tree climbers are putting up the lights along Palm Creek Blvd.
What a welcome site to drive into the resort when the lights are all aglow.

This guy says, "Look Ma, no hands!"

Maverick went up this afternoon to check out the back 40 and watch the curb machine as it starts to line the new streets.

We stopped by the Pickleball appreciation happy hour tonight.  Thank you to the multitude of volunteers who made it such a successful tournament again!!



All this hub bub of activity wears out our two kitty cats.  Don knows they're just resting up so they can start their daily evening rampage at bedtime.


Mouse at rest

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