Saturday, November 11, 2017

CBS Sports

CBS Sports TV was here today to record the championship games.  A whole bleacher section was set up in an opposing court for the audience.

This particular match was the junior age level.  The boys were 13 or 14 years old and VERY agile players.

There were TV cameras everywhere around the court.

A whole control unit was set up on the other side.  All kinds of techie equipment.

A 2-hr. special of this year’s USAPA National Championships will be broadcast nation-wide on the CBS Sports Network on Wed, Dec. 6 (7pm EST5pm MST4PM PST).  Check your local cable or satellite provider for channel numbers and availability in your area.Blush

 I didn't stay to watch the whole match as I'd rather watch from the comfort of my easy chair than in the hot sun by the bleachers.

This tournament is really an exciting event.  Thanks again to our hard working resort staff and all the MANY volunteers it takes to make it happen.

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