Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Freedom RV +

Check out all the rigs on display from Freedom RV.  It's a lot of work and expense to drive all these rigs up here so we thank Eric and his crew for devoting to much time to Palm Creek.  He is a great sponsor for our resort.

Access to the sewing room is progressing.  Looks like there may be a ramp to this side door?

The sidewalk to the pro shop is done.

Patio pavers still under construction.

Curbs are being poured at the north 40.  Will have to take the drone out soon to take an overhead view.

Interesting story in today's Casa Grande Dispatch:

CASA GRANDE — Mission Royale Golf Course is under new ownership and is open for business.
Harry Sailor, managing partner of Mission Royal Partners LLC, said his purchase of the course has been a long time coming and that he’s excited to bring new life into the course.
“I saw the course for sale two years ago and have been working to get the deal completed,” Sailor told PinalCentral.
Sailor, from Rancho Mirage, California, and his partner, from Newport Beach, California, along with a group of investors from Montana were able to purchase the course from the lender, who previously had planned to auction the course.
“It’s been brought current and will be paid off in a few months,” Sailor said.
Sailor said he plans to retain the course’s 17 employees and said the team will “improve everything across the board.”
The course, inside the Mission Royale subdivision, is open to the public but Sailor said he plans to run it more like a country club, saying that’s what homeowners paid for and what they should expect.
The Eagle’s Nest restaurant also remains open and Sailor said he plans to work with the proprietors to keep the restaurant open for players and the public.
Sailor said he has an extensive career in golf, including 35 years as a PGA pro.
“I’ve worked every job, from the bottom to the top, in golf,” he said.
Sailor said he opened five golf courses in Asia and has worked as the general manager for golf courses for more than 20 years.
“This isn’t my first rodeo,” he said.
Improving the course and upping standards of hospitality will be priorities for Sailor and his crew.
“We’re going to be the best friend in the community. We’ll bring the course up to standards or we’ll go down swinging,” he said.

Weekend Entertainment:


Uh oh..........Don caught me and Kat taking a cat nap.

Thought I'd change the spelling to a K instead of a C.

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