Monday, November 06, 2017

Where is our pro shop??

Are you looking for the pro shop while the new one is under construction?  They're in their temporary outdoor location near the lawn bowling court.  

Say howdy to Ed Brown and Gail Tollison who are waiting to serve you.

That new doggie wash station is still under construction but I bet dog owners will love the convenience.
Located near the car wash area back by the woodshop and maintenance area.

Here's the report from Maverick's recent Sunday adventure:

I stopped in at the Sunday night Texas Hold'em poker game to see their new computer program at work.

That nice big TV allows all the players to see the remaining time each round, the betting level, number of players, etc.


Cat Tails:

Today is just a quick "cat tail".  Don saw me trying to type one handed as little Cat fell asleep with his head resting in my hand.  Awwwww.........

We only have two cats but in a small park model home like ours, it seems like there are at least 10 cats underfoot.

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  1. The Palm Creek Pickleball logo sign was done when Donna Christiansen was the President of the Pickleball Club. Marg Ouimet, then Vice President, was responsible for the process to get this done. Marg is probably at the courts right now heading up the medical team. As, I was the club secretary at the time I thought I would answer your request. Kate


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