Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Construction Update

Spotted this cute barn as we drove down Cactus Drive this morning.

We happened to catch Roland outside so asked a few questions.  Yes!  He built this barn himself with over 2000 little cedar chips for the roof.  Awesome!

Now Roland is crafting some Fast Track game boards.  

Getting ready to pour the sidewalk by the pro shop.

Interior work is underway inside.


 Caught a glimpse of Robin Perry hard at work by the mobile kitchen.  Take time to thank Robin and the whole kitchen staff for the excellent work they're doing from their limited resources.

Still lots of work to do at the ballroom.

Installing a fire hydrant near there.

We got a sneak peek into the new kitchen.  Overhead stove fans are being installed.

New walk-in freezer and refrigerator are almost ready.
That will be MUCH nicer than climbing up into the current semi trailers across the street!

I think the new kitchen will be very impressive!


Cat and "mouse".

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