Friday, November 10, 2017

Mahjong, Maverick & Cat fans

We can't possibly ask for a better forecast!!  Awesome weather!!

Getting some finishing touches to the outside of the pro shop but still lots of work to do.

Starting to grade the roads at the north 40.
Maverick gives us a nice view of the project.

Green grass growing nicely on the back nine.

The pickleball tournament is going like clockwork.

Perfect weather every day!

Since our meeting rooms are temporarily occupied for the tournament, our Mahjong gang gathered at the north Pavilion for our Friday afternoon game.

Fridays is "lessons day" and we had three tables of new players.

All seemed to enjoy their newly learned game.


Mouse likes to curl up on the desk top while Don operates his flight simulator.....but now Don has two buddies who want to be close at hand to nap while Don is "at work"

Thank goodness the two furry critters are now friends.  I had my doubts for a few days!

Our favorite story this week is when Ann Larue stopped by with her daughter and granddaughter.  They wanted to meet Cat and Mouse.  Cat especially enjoyed the company and the attention.

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