Thursday, September 06, 2007

Storms and "Soccer"

We’ve had one long series of dust storms this past week…several of which were real dandies. My trusty reporter (Verna Sheppard) sent these pictures to share with everyone.

It still amazes me how these dust storms just seem to spring up instantaneously. It can be as calm and clear as can be till you casually notice this huge yellow cloud on the horizon. You might as well batten down the hatches because you know it’s coming. Sure enough, the wind picks up, sends the dirt flying, and then just as rapidly disappears. Amazing phenomenon. I took a couple photos too that I thought told the story quite well.

Photo 1: All is calm. A typical summer late afternoon.

Photo 2: You can tell that the trees aren’t moving at all. No breeze…but a distinctive dust cloud off in the distance.

Photo 3: My camera is working fine. The picture looks cloudy because there is so much dust in the air. What you see is actually dust particles.
Photo 4: This particular storm brought some much needed wonderful rain but it certainly came with a fury.

Photo 5: Quite a change in temperature in a short time. I love Arizona!

Exciting news from Jan and George Waters: They have a new puppy to fill the void in their hearts left from losing Rally. Welcome “Soccer”. Soccer is a Chinese Crested PowderPuff. That’s a strange sounding breed, but he looks pretty cute in these pictures Jan sent from Show Low.

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