Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Congrats to the Mail Room Staff

I copied this off the Palm Creek Facebook page:

The Mailroom broke a few records yesterday!
The day before Christmas record is 10 trays of mail, 7 tubs of flats and 287 Packages.
On Tuesday, the Mailroom did 21 trays of mail, 10 tubs of flats and 306 packages.
"We have a superb team to be able to handle that much mail," says Donna Cox, Mail Room Supervisor. "The 21 trays of mail total about 15,000 letters that were sorted and stuffed in their mail boxes; besides magazines, pink cards, and the like."
"I am extremely proud of our team!" She declares happily.
We have an amazing group of people here who make sure everyone's mail and information gets to them as quickly as possible. We'd quite literally be lost without them!

It's one thing to break a record......but to nearly double the record is quite eventful.  Good job everyone!


I saw the guys from the woodshop attaching balloons and setting out their information posters about the upcoming woodcrafters show.  Don't miss this!  Come see what the guys have been making this season.  Saturday, February 28, from 10:00-2:00.



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